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Serving At Highway

Serving is one of the best ways to experience community.

Whether it's setting up tables and chairs, holding babies, mentoring students, or playing in the band, we find our place in community when we serve. Highway began as a portable church-in-a-box, so we have a soft spot for those brave souls who like to dig in and help build the ministry from within.

We have several ministry teams at each Highway campus—everything from audio-visual, to hospitality, to prayer.
Chances are one of those teams has your name on it.


We strive to make Highway a welcoming place. Help make that happen—greet guests, serve our kids and students, or even pray with members of the congregation. If you're a people person, your church need you!



From printing kids ministry lessons to setting up coffee and food, many vital behind-the-scenes teams help ministry flow at Highway each week. If you're a detail-oriented person, your church needs you! 



Calling all artists, instrumentalists, designers, and creatives. Whether it's sound design, experience design, or lighting design, we need technicians and storytellers to help make our many worship services and experiences happen!


For information on serving at Highway Palo Alto, contact or visit the PA CAMPUS PAGE.

For information on serving at Highway Mountain View, contact or visit the MV CAMPUS PAGE.

If you're interested in serving in the local community with one of our ministry partners, contact  at Mountain View or at Palo Alto, or visit the MISSION PAGE.