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Posted by John Riemenschnitter on

When The Highway Community and Community Bible Church of Mountain View merged in 2005, our community was enriched by a faithful, vibrant, and visionary group of seniors— many of whom literally built the building that we meet in on Sunday mornings. 

For the past two years, Margriet de Lange has been leading a team that has been planning, hosting and facilitating quarterly brunches for our seniors.

Something that we love to do at Highway is eat. In fact, if there were a 5th core value, it would probably be food!

But the senior brunches are not about the food. They’re about inter-generational interaction. They’re about sharing life experience. They’re about people of all ages sharing stories and becoming known. Stories from school. Stories about travel. Stories of love. Stories of new life.

Our seniors have engaged with our Highway Kids, our Middle School and High School students, our post-college community, and adults of all ages. And the connections and relationships that have formed have been nothing short of beautiful.

Creating space for inter-generational interaction is something we value, because it’s an important part of our shared journey as followers of Jesus. Research from the Fuller Youth Institute has shown that inter-generational connections are integral to cultivating a faith that lasts. 

I am grateful to our seniors for giving our community the gift of themselves in a way that is deeply meaningful!