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No Christian community is complete without an active outward practice of serving, both locally and globally.

Jesus Christ lived a life of mission. During His short time on Earth, His task was nothing less than to establish that the kingdom of God had arrived, and that the restoration of all things was beginning. He modeled for us that the starting point of the kingdom of God is a place of service—an outward expression of His love that extends to the broken, the needy, the blind, the oppressed, and the imprisoned. It extends into communities, lives, homes, and families as Christ-followers serve as salt and light in a lost and dying world. In an effort to be faithful to that mission, Highway partners with many groups and organizations that seek to serve the world in the name of Christ.

From East Palo Alto to San Jose, members of the Highway Community serve the Bay Area in numerous ways, from afterschool tutoring to engaging the homeless community. We hope you'll get involved!

For information on our local ministry partners, and serving in your local community, CLICK HERE.

For information on our global ministry partners, and serving overseas on one of our short-term mission trips, contact