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Highway Kids

"The kingdom of God belongs to such as these..."

Family life in Silicon Valley is...unique. We identify with the struggles and triumphs of raising Christ-following kids, and our mission is to stand alongside the primary spiritual mentors in our community—parents. Our Family Ministries team partners with parents as we seek to raise and nurture spiritually mature kids who know and love God and actively engage with His Kingdom.

Our Highway Kids team offers loving, nurturing, and safe environments for children of all ages, including Christ-centered teaching for preschoolers through 4th grade.

Each Sunday, our Highway Kids team cares for newborns up through 4th graders. Elementary age kids usually attend the worship gathering with their families for the first worship set (about 20-30 minutes), then are dismissed to their classes, to meet their teachers, hear a Bible lesson, and have fun!

In addition to Sundays, we have events, hangouts, and programs for Highway Kids throughout the year, culminating with our summer VBS in June, at our Mountain View campus.

For more Highway Kids info, contact:

at Mountain View, or at Palo Alto!