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The Highway Community was founded in 2000 on four simple values—truth, authenticity, community, and hope. You are welcome here with us, at whatever point along the spiritual journey you may find yourself. We are a community of imperfect people seeking to take the teachings of Jesus to heart, and into the world. We are a passionate, active community where everyone lends a hand. There is a place for you here, and we’re anxious to partner with you as we pursue the Kingdom of God together.  Below you’ll find what our core values mean to us.  We also hope you’ll join us as we seek to integrate these values into every aspect of our community.


We believe the Bible to be the only true and inspired Word of God, and Jesus Christ to be the only solution to the questions of life.


Christianity has often been wrongfully (yet understandably) misrepresented as merely a religion, and not as an honest group of imperfect people who desire to love the world as Christ loved it. We’re simply a bunch of ordinary people attempting the extraordinary task of knowing God deeply and living a life immersed in his will.


We learn by being around one another and worshipping together. Our lives are a ministry themselves, and God working in us some of the most poignant poetry of the Christian faith.


We believe that hope exists only in Jesus Christ, and a personal relationship with him. Our relationship with Christ gives us identity and meaning, and gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and face the blizzard of life in the Silicon Valley.